Vacation is over, nw strength for reopening.

31 de January, 2013

Hi guys,

Just letting you know that our vacation is over. We are now open as of Feb 1st. Well rested and anxious for you to come see how nice the Alberguinn looks after we fixed up a few things :-)

Can’t wait to see you around.


Winter vacation !!!

9 de October, 2012

After a very busy season, our staff will be taking well deserved holidays! Like you, we also love to travel and discover new places, that’s why our establishment will be closed from November 21st, 2012 to February 1st, 2013.
During our closing we will still be taking bookings starting from 1st February 2013.
Meanwhile, we can recommend you these other hostels:

Hello BCN Hostel
Pere Tarrés Youth Hostel

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other question, I hope we can host you next time!




18 de May, 2012

So some people had notices that our WIFI network worked ok in the common areas and most of the rooms, but the farther ones had some problems.

We have added a new WIFI access point for those surfers that just need to surf from their beds, so ENJOY !!



Open for business !!

30 de December, 2011

hi there !!

Another quick note to let you know that we did in fact re-open on the 27th (thank god haha!) and that the Alberguinn loooks pretier than ever and smells like new :-)


Hope to see you all around here soon. AND HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!



Painting the hostel

13 de December, 2011

Just a quick note to let everybody know that we are painting the whole Alberguinn and also doing some necessary maintenance works.

Hopefully when we are done, Alberguinn will be prettier that EVER :-) It sure is a lot of work so it better be worth it, hehe.

So we will be closed until December 27th, sorry !!

Spinach and Blue Cheese Salad.

20 de October, 2011

So you are wondering why in the world are we posting a SALAD recipe on our blog?? Well, it’s a great salad that you can eat if you come to visit AND it turns out you can find more tasty recipes like this one in the HostelBookers Backpacker Recipe Guide!!


Here is the recipe.


– 250 gr. Baby Spinach or fresh tender spinach leaves.
– 1 large orange.
– 50-75 gr. blue cheese or roquefort.
– Onion. Fresh or fried, as you prefer.
– Black olives.
– A few slices of bacon.
– As any salad in Spain::::  Olive oil (plenty), salt and vinegar !!

Preparation (5 minutes):

– Wash baby spinach, chop up into “salad size” pieces and lay in a large bowl.
– Cut onions into thin slices. If fried, then make sure they are crispy. Add on top of spinach.
– Cook bacon. Crispy and crunchy is best. Add on top.
– Cut black olives in half and add.
– Cut orange into “bite size” pieces. Add.
– Add small pieces of blue cheese. Smaller is better as we want them to “blend in” rather that have a mouthful of cheese.
– Plenty of Olive oil, then some salt and then some vinegar.


That’s it! Quite easy, but belive me, the mix of Orange, blue cheese and onion in your mouth is great. If you ever make the recipe, let us know :-)




I keep coming back!

24 de July, 2011

Hola alberguinners!

It’s Juana here, writing from the desk of the hostel… Yes, I’m back!!

I just felt nostalgic thinking about the first time I  came here…summer 2005…6 years already! It was such a crazy summer…I came to work as a “bed and breakfast maker” , I didn’t know anything about hostels, couldn’t speak English so well… I was a bit scared, but as soon as I arrived here I started to meet  so many nice people that  I ended up having the summer of my life!


That was the first time that I had friends from other countries and made me want to travel and discover the world…and I think that’s why I keep coming back to work in Alberguinn,  because of  YOU alberguinners.

For 6 years I’ve been meeting great people, discovering countries by your amazing stories, and learning funny words in different languages!

So I just thought that this blog deserved at least a short post, to thank you all for all the fantastic memories I have and all the wrinkles I got of  so much laughing :-)

Ya se acaban las vacaciones…

25 de August, 2008

Ay pena penita penaaaa…

Supongo que todos estareis pensando “qué rápido se pasa!”

Pues sí, yo también… Este verano ha sido movidito en el Alberguinn, como somos así de bravas, hemos cambiado todas las cerraduras del alberguinn en plena temporada alta, ahora todas las habitaciones tienen acceso con tarjeta magnética. También hemos puesto cámaras de seguridad, ¡estais vigilados! ;).

La gente ha estado como siempre, increible, un montón de franceses, y algunos americanos menos que otros años, especial mención a los seguidores de Bruce Springsteen que se vieron recompensados tras el largo viaje con un conciertazo que espero que no olvidarán; en el Alberguinn pudimos disfrutar de su emoción tras el concierto. Gracias Álvaro por tus recomendaciones y Pedro, por favor, tienes que salir más de Cádiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We would love to thank Hsie, Shannon, Ben, Paolo, Adriana and Oscar, for their comprehension and patience at the bad moments. Your attitude comforted us and also made us keep going, because we know our work has an impact on you, and what you give back is ten times bigger. Our love with you forever.

Yes, summer is about to finish, season is going down and we are expecting new long stays and Erasmus students, when still Luca, Andrea, Stella and Chiara “voi mi manqui tanti!!!!!

Barcelona aún está en pleno calor así que os animamos a venir y daros un chapuzón de arte, cultura y buen rollo.

Os recordamos: las fiestas de Sants del 24 al 31 de Agosto y las fiestas de la Mercé el 24 de Septiembre .

See you soon at Alberguinn.

By the way, I went to the US last summer, guys, you have a beautiful country and better people. Thanks to all Cedric’s family and the bear at Yosemite ;)


¡Hola, mundo!

7 de May, 2007

Hola a todos,
Soy Laura y escribo desde el albergue, concretamente desde la recepción ;)
Quiero deciros que es genial trabajar aquí, sobre todo por la cantidad de gente que conoces de todo el mundo.
Estos días han venido muchos británicos, vienen del Festival de Benicassim, cómo les gusta la música!!! También empiezan a llegar los franceses y los italianos que sobre todo vienen en el mes de Agosto.
A los españoles los vemos más a partir de Septiembre sobre todo en los puentes y en el Salon del Manga!! que es una de nuestras fechas preferidas, ya que la gente del albergue se viste, ve películas.. Bueno, sin olvidar el Torneo Go que también es un desfile de tableros p’aqui y p’allá!.
Anyway, I want to wellcome all to this blog, where everybody can say something!