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I keep coming back!

Sunday, 24 de July de 2011

Hola alberguinners!

It’s Juana here, writing from the desk of the hostel… Yes, I’m back!!

I just felt nostalgic thinking about the first time I  came here…summer 2005…6 years already! It was such a crazy summer…I came to work as a “bed and breakfast maker” , I didn’t know anything about hostels, couldn’t speak English so well… I was a bit scared, but as soon as I arrived here I started to meet  so many nice people that  I ended up having the summer of my life!


That was the first time that I had friends from other countries and made me want to travel and discover the world…and I think that’s why I keep coming back to work in Alberguinn,  because of  YOU alberguinners.

For 6 years I’ve been meeting great people, discovering countries by your amazing stories, and learning funny words in different languages!

So I just thought that this blog deserved at least a short post, to thank you all for all the fantastic memories I have and all the wrinkles I got of  so much laughing :-)