Spinach and Blue Cheese Salad.

So you are wondering why in the world are we posting a SALAD recipe on our blog?? Well, it’s a great salad that you can eat if you come to visit AND it turns out you can find more tasty recipes like this one in the HostelBookers Backpacker Recipe Guide!!


Here is the recipe.


– 250 gr. Baby Spinach or fresh tender spinach leaves.
– 1 large orange.
– 50-75 gr. blue cheese or roquefort.
– Onion. Fresh or fried, as you prefer.
– Black olives.
– A few slices of bacon.
– As any salad in Spain::::  Olive oil (plenty), salt and vinegar !!

Preparation (5 minutes):

– Wash baby spinach, chop up into “salad size” pieces and lay in a large bowl.
– Cut onions into thin slices. If fried, then make sure they are crispy. Add on top of spinach.
– Cook bacon. Crispy and crunchy is best. Add on top.
– Cut black olives in half and add.
– Cut orange into “bite size” pieces. Add.
– Add small pieces of blue cheese. Smaller is better as we want them to “blend in” rather that have a mouthful of cheese.
– Plenty of Olive oil, then some salt and then some vinegar.


That’s it! Quite easy, but belive me, the mix of Orange, blue cheese and onion in your mouth is great. If you ever make the recipe, let us know :-)




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