Alberguinn... its story

The idea, the name, the business plan, the finance, the neighbours, the administration, the exhaustion, the grand opening, the days since, the help received and the friends made. Alberguinn is the result of a lot of hard work, effort and help from friends, especially during those long days and nights during our first year of being opened.

Now, several years on, the alberguinn family continues to grow !!

The Hostel

At alberguinn we treat you as an individual, calling you by your first name and sorting out any problems or questions you might have about Barcelona. At alberguinn we love meeting new people and hearing new stories from different parts of the world. We also like to talk.a lot !!

And as for you guys.the backpackers! Uff ! You guys have been great since we opened and we always feel really sad when you leave. Why? Because we enjoy taking care of you such much, waking you up, laughing at your parties and bad hair days that usually follow, watching some of you fall in love and make new friends and above all just having a good time.

We just want you to come and enjoy!!!

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Alberguinn C/Melcior de Palau, 70-74 Barcelona | Phone: +34 934905965 / Fax +34 934911941 | email: