Is Alberguinn far from the beach?

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Is Alberguinn far from the beach?

Postby Logos » 04 Feb 2008, 11:25


I'd like to know how long would it take to reach the beach from Alberguinn.

(and how to get there with train, bus or metro.)

Thank you for answering!

Re: Is Alberguinn far from the beach?

Postby jintxo » 04 Feb 2008, 19:06

Hey Logos, how are you doing? :-)

Alberguinn is in plain Barcelona city, close to Sants train station, which means we're not very close to the beach but you can get to the beach fairly quickly. You have a few options:

- Go to the Barcelona Beach (Barceloneta). You can take the Metro (Line 3 - Green and change at P. de Gracia to Line 4 - Yellow) to Barceloneta, Bogatell or Llacuna. All these 3 stops are next to the beach. These beaches are usually more crowded, but great for partying.

- Go to other beaches close to Barcelona, but not in the city, by Train from Sants Station. This is my preferred option, as the Barcelona beaches are usually fairly crowded and I like to be a little more on my own. Getting to places like Castelldefels or El Garraf will take you just as long (or less) than going to the Barcelona beaches because the Cercacnias trains are very fast compared to the Metro.

- Go to beaches further North. Generally speaking the further North, the better. nice places are Sant Pol or Blanes, BUT it'll take you longer (45 m. to 1 hr.) from Sants.

Anyways, if you want EXACT position, I recommend looking at google maps, you'll see exactly where we are. It's a big bonus being close to the train station.

See ya,

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