Tree House

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Tree House

Postby LoryHart » 27 Feb 2009, 08:54

Vythiri Kerala Resort is at the heart of a picturesque Wayanad district, 2600 ft above sea level-escape to the lap of nature at the heart of virgin, lush, tropical rain forests amidst pristine breathtaking vistas. A magical, romantic getaway tucked away in a lush tropical rainforest. Vythiri Resort it's a state of mind, a magical, romantic getaway. Where you are completely in harmony with nature. Untouched, unexplored and raw. Where, the ambience is exclusive, comfortable and refreshing. The cottages and huts are in the ethnic styles. Taking you back to an indigenous "tribal village" where simplicity and harmony reigned supreme. The climate is mildly cooled, just fine - neither too cold, nor warm. Perfect. It's just like no other hill resort. All the time, it's like having put your AC on to a comfortable cool. An old British Colonial retreat, Vythiri is a holiday waiting to be discovered and rediscovered. Always fresh, completely unspoiled. Come, enjoy the glory of paradise.

Get a true taste of wild and wonderful Wayanad at the celebrated Vythiri Resorts set amidst lush rainforests. Spread across 150 acres, the approach to the resort is rugged and unpaved, enhancing the feel of jungle. Here, you'll walk up to the delightful forest sounds in the tree house and get to breathe in the untamed essence of the wild. An out-of-this-world romantic get-away, a stay at the Vythiri Resorts is a holiday by itself. Located in nature-rich Vythiri famed for its many picturesque spots, ravines, gurgling streams and verdant hills welcome you at the beautiful Vythiri Resorts. Adding to the exotic experience are the exclusive tree houses that brings to you all the magic of the outdoors. Situated 100 ft above ground level, these forest homes are modernized versions of the original tree huts known as erumadams used by the tribal communities as a place to track down the wild animals as also to keep a safe distance from them, these ethnic lodges are made out of bamboo to minimize deforestation and preserve the environment. To conserve power solar energy is used here.
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