Hola... Necesito ayuda... :S

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Hola... Necesito ayuda... :S

Postby JeSs » 22 Oct 2006, 01:13

[color=darkblue]Hola !

I'm a French girl, I've 18 years and I would like go to Barcelona to approve my poor "Español"...

Hace 1 mese que aprendo español... hablo un poquito... :roll:
Me gusta la idioma española y quiero ir a Barcelona para mejorarme...

Busco websites para poder dormir a Barcelona y vuestro website es muy bonito !!! Entonces he querido os escribir para pedir informacion... :?

I stop to speak espagnol because it's very bad ...

So I would like come in Spain to aprove my langage, discover Barcelona, meet a lot of Spanish people, discover the Spain way of life ... I want to find a job for this summer... But I don't know how to do ... Where can I ask to find a job in Spain ?

"Ademas" I would like take Espagnol lessons in a spanish university but it's very expensive! So I've thought that it can be interesting to come one week in Barcelone to visit, meet people... to speak espagnol a lot and maybe progress with the langage... Is it possible to come alone ? Is it not risked ? I don't think but we never know !!!! :roll:

I let you, I hope you understand what I tried to say... :S jajaja

I let you my msn adress to have an answer please... mailto:jessbog_13@hotmail.com

Hasta luego !!!!



Postby jintxo » 23 Oct 2006, 08:58

Hello Jessica :-) What kind of information are you looking for? Barcelona is a very nice city, with a lot of tourism and it's not dangerous. Many people your age have stayed at the alberguinn by themselves while visiting Barcelona, and most of the time, they end up making friends with other people staying at the hostel.

I am sure you will have a very good time if you come, you will meet other young pewople like yourself and there are also many students sometimes that can help you find the kind of classes you are looking for. As far as a Job, we wouldn't really know here :-) I don't know if the alberguinn is hiring right now (I don't think they are) but you can always come and look around, since you are french, it is legal foryou to work here in Spain without getting a special permit or anything, which is very nice.

See you!

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